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EDER GmbH develops, manufactures and sells vehicles and trailers for car transport under the brands ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL. We focus on the professional operators who want the best products to use on daily basis or the enthusiast who simply want to drive probably the best car transporters in the world.

Payload is the main issue in car transport. Therefore our in-house engineering department concentrates on using aluminum and light-weight constructions to get an optimum tare-weight / payload ratio.

Fixed chassis with tilt bed (Speeder2 vehicle, Euro-Trans trailer) or tilting chassis (Blitzlader vehicle, AT trailer) or driving 3.8t payload with your BE-licence: we have a lot of different solutions to suit your requirements. Take a look at the Basic Information at "Overview Vehicles" and "Overview Trailers" and find your Sales & Service Partner in your country at "Sales & Service"!

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