Eder GmbH Vehicle & mechanical engineering

Algema and Fit-Zel - the professional brand for more than 35 years

EDER GmbH develops, manufactures and sells vehicles and trailers for car transport. Under the brands ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL, we focus on the professional operators who want the best products to use on daily basis or the enthusiast who simply want to drive probably the best car transporters in the world.

Since the 1980's the AT trailer and  Blitzlader vehicle of the brands Algema have been produced in our factory in Tuntenhausen. In the beginning Germany was the main market and soon Austria found out that Eder produces very good products. This made Germany and Austria to be our home markets, which they still are today.

In 2009 we implemented the brand Fit-Zel to our product range. Since then we have steel trailers and vehicles with a tilting chassis and aluminium trailers and vehicles with a tilting bed in our product range. It made us to one of the biggest manufacturers in car transport business!

Since 2004 the number of vehicles and trailers we produce for foreign countries is raising each year. Today we have sales & service partners in more than 15 countries world wide, mainly in Europe.

Our factory in Neuhofen

Since July 2014, all construction and welding components made of aluminum for trailer and vehicle assembly for the main plant in Tuntenhausen are being manufactured at the new ALGEMA FIT-ZEL plant in Neuhofen an der Krems, Austria. On more than 1,600 m² with around 15 employees in production and administration, all trailer models of the UNI-TRANS, the "special model" EURO 27-20 / 41 T and, from February 2020, the EURO 30-20 / 48 T will also be produced. A small repair and spare parts department completes the field of activity in the factory.

Eder GmbH - your professional Partner

Eder Vehicle Manufacturing is part of the family owned company group Eder GmbH with about 1.800 employees and a yearly turnover from about € 600.000.000. We have DIY shops and dealerships for forklifts, personal cars, agricultural equipment, municipal equipment, trailers, dairy machinery and construction machinery. In all these companies we focus on the professional customers, where our products are crucial for their own success!  

We invite you to take a look at our company site: www.eder-gmbh.de

ALGEMA FIT-ZEL TEAM from the main location in Tuntenhausen


Markus Bonnetsmüller

Head of Sales

Günter Koschke

Plant Manager

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Torsten Leuthner

Head of Technics

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Werner Hertwig

Head of Production


Stefan Stecher

Export Manager

Philipp Keiser

Sales Department

Christina Wallner

Order Processing

Sophia Hofmann

Order Processing

Spare-part department

Johannes Schmidt

Head of Spare-Part Department

Maximilian Müller

Spare-Part Department

Kilian Oberhuber

Spare-Part Department


Patrick Bonnetsmüller

Marketing Manager

Sabrina Scheyer


Marko Ivkic

Online Marketing

Nico Fürbeck

Online Marketing (Web Development)


Olaf Nowak


Thomas Künzner


Adel Merdan



Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Florian Deschner


Martin Stockhammer

Electrical Manager


Peter von der Heyden

After-Sales Trailers

Simon Mayer

After-Sales Vehicles

Matthias Seidel

After-Sales Vehicles