Euro-Trans - The versatile trailer

The Euro-Trans is a versatile car trailer for professional vehicle transport. Up to 2,850 kg payload make the Euro-Trans unique in its class. This is ensured by the particularly light full-aluminum construction with self-tilting mechanism.

Main advantages of the Euro-Trans

high payload

even tilting

solid chassis

Technical information

The Euro-Trans trailer has different specifications in length, tare-weight and width, to fit your personal and company demands:

Standard and weight optimized platform (OPV)

The OPV-platforms are weight optimized in length, to have the maximum payload.
On the front side, the loaded car can overhang the trailer, so that the effective load length is longer than the floor length

Typ gross vehicle weight (kg) tare weight (kg) payload (kg) Floor L x W (m) tire loading angle loading height (m)
27-21/41 X 2.700 530 2.170 4,15 x 2,08 195/55 R10C 98P M+S 0,58
30-21/48 X 3.000 574 2.426 4,85 x 2,08 195/55 R10C 98P M+S 7,5° 0,58
35-21/48 X 3.500 601 2.899 4,85 x 2,08 195/50 R13C 104N M+S 7,5° 0,66

Square multi-purpose platform (MPV)

The MPV-platforms are square, to have the maximum usable deck.
On the front side cross-over ramps and on top a tarpaulin or hard cover can be mounted.

Typ gross vehicle weight (kg) tare weight (kg) payload (kg) Floor L x W (m) tire loading angle loading height (m)
27-21/46 X 2.700 544 2.156 4,60 x 2,08 195/55 R10C 98P M+S 0,58
30-21/53 X 3.000 586 2.414 5,30 x 2,08 195/55 R10C 98P M+S 7,5° 0,58
35-21/53 X 3.500 613 2.887 5,30 x 2,08 195/50 R13C 104N M+S 7,5° 0,66
35-22/53 X 3.500 630 2.870 5,30 x 2,18 195/50 R13C 104N M+S 7,5° 0,66
35-21/60 X 3.500 650 2.850 6,00 x 2,08 195/50 R13C 104N M+S 7,5° 0,66
35-22/60 X 3.500 680 2.820 6,00 x 2,18 195/50 R13C 104N M+S 7,5° 0,66

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Lift Axle

The new hydraulic lift axle on the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans is load-dependent (cannot be pumped up under load) and lowers automatically when the plateau release is actuated. Due to the automatic lowering, incorrect operation is no longer possible. In "lift mode", the chassis setting is extremely soft and you benefit from low fuel consumption, tyre and brake wear.

Use the lift axle additionally as a manoeuvring aid and manoeuvre your car transport trailer around the corner without any problems.

Ultra-lightweight design for high payload - even commercial vehicles are no problem

The FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans offers a high payload ratio due to its particularly light all-aluminum construction. Transport vehicles of any size up to 2,850 kg, making it easy to transport heavy limousines, SUVs and long-distance commercial vehicles. A safe handling is guaranteed by the low loading height from 58 cm.

Fast loading and unloading by self-tilting - ready to load in 12 seconds

With the self-tilting mechanism you load the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans uncomplicated and in no time. Due to the tilting damper, the aluminum plateau is smoothly lowered and, of course, the locking of the plateau takes place automatically. In just 12 seconds you are ready to load with the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans. The extendable charging rails are secured by the central locking mechanism.

Low access angle - effortlessly load lowered sports car

Thanks to the buckling mechanism, the FITZEL Euro-Trans car transport trailer is not only ready to load in just a few seconds, but also has a loading angle of just 7.5 °. With the optional additional charging rails you can even reduce this to about 4 °. With the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans, you can drive up almost any vehicle easily. The spectrum ranges from the lowered sports car to small vans.

X-Line swing axle from EDER - Chassis for maximum driving safety

No other manufacturer offers you such a sophisticated chassis: our X-Line swing axle with 100% load compensation guarantees maximum active safety. Road unevenness is eliminated as far as possible and the wheels always have safe contact with the ground, even on the worst roads. This means that swaying or dangerous shifting of the trailer is a foreign word for an ALGEMA product.

Due to the unique pendulum axle unit with independent wheel suspension and progressive leaf suspension, the load on all wheels is 100% balanced. Due to the design, the drawbar load on the trailer coupling always remains constant. This protects the towing vehicle and gives you almost the same driving experience as if you were travelling alone. The low centre of gravity, our wide, grippy tyres and the built-in high-performance brakes ensure braking values that deserve only one name: sensational

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Equipment for Euro-Trans

Always a safe step - the aluminum center floor

If desired, the plateau of the Euro-Trans between the two lanes can be supplemented by a walk-in central floor.
The aluminum floor was designed for particularly high point loads, which occur, for example, when trailers with a support wheel are frequently loaded.

The plastic center shelf

On request, the plateau of the Euro-Trans between the two lanes can be supplemented by a walk-in plastic center floor.
The plastic center shelf is suitable as a stand for one person up to a weight of approx. 130 kg.

Safe on the train - the manual cable winch Type 901A

With the hand winch of the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans, the pulling of a vehicle on the trailer can be precisely adjusted.
The type 901A hand cable winch has a pulling force of 900 kg, including a deflection roller for 1,800 kg pulling force. The winch is equipped with an automatic unwind and an automatic load pressure brake, so that the removable crank can be released in any position.
The hand cable winch is equipped with a 6 mm steel cable as well as safety hook and Loop.

Let it pull powerfully - the electric cable winches

They are extra strong and have a pulling force of up to 3.5 t. Only electric winches from well-known manufacturers with CE certification are used in the offered electric winches.
These are equipped with planetary gears, forward and reverse, freewheel and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are optionally available as light synthetic fibers or steel with safety hooks. The cable winch is converted by us in an optimized way for car transport: This means that the rope runs off at the top so that the towing hook of the vehicle to be towed has to be pulled down as little as possible.

Lift axle - light and economical on the go

With the optionally available lifting axle system, additional driving comfort is provided for empty runs. The great smoothness and high suspension comfort are only one side of the coin. In addition, the rear axle traction is increased by 100% in vehicles with rear-wheel drive. It is no less important that the use of the lift axle means less wear and less fuel consumption.

Flat, flatter, ramps

You can use the optional 3-part ramps to reduce the low ascent angle of the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans to 4.5 °. Thus, for example, the transport of many lower sports cars is not a problem.

Stowed neatly

The optionally available ramps find their place in a sturdy holder, which is attached below the loading platform in the front area and is therefore easily accessible.

Remedy for narrow gauges - the three loading rails of the Euro-Trans

The Fitzel Euro-Trans also offers you the right solution for loading vehicles with a small gauge. The two loading rails are supplemented by the optionally available center ramp. In this way, the charging process can be carried out quickly and safely.

The answer to little ground clearance

Those who want to transport vehicles with low ground clearance will find the right solution in the optional additional charging rails of the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans. With the two attachable aluminum loading rails, the drive-on angle is reduced from 7.5 ° to 4 °.
During the journey, the two rails are secured between the lanes by a central locking System.


Lockable storage spaces always have their purpose. For the Euro Trans, two pieces can be installed under the loading area on the left and right in front of the axles. The dimensions of the tool boxes are 645 x 220 x 300 mm.

Own energy storage on board

In order to be able to use electric cable winches effectively and in a time-saving manner during charging, an independent energy supply should be ensured on the trailer. With the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans this task is performed by a 60 Ah traction battery including a battery discharge switch. The battery is mounted in a stable metal box under the plateau and in front of the double axis. The battery is charged by the towing vehicle via a 13-pin connection cable.

Helper for safe transport

Correct securing of a vehicle is of the utmost importance. The FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans is equipped as standard with two wheel stops across the width of the entire plateau.
Two pairs of short wheel stop blocks can be used for this. These are attached and locked directly in front of and behind the wheels of the rear axle. A three-point lashing strap is pulled over the wheel on both sides, in each case from the front to the rear wheel stop block.
The wheel stop stands are locked and connected to the trailer using bolts in the lashing points, which are located at a distance of 80 mm in the floor frame Profile.

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