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Tarpaulin soft covered trailers

The tarpaulin is the light solution for transporting cars in a covered trailer. The weight of the cover is only approximately 250kg, which allows you to still have an amazing payload on your trailer.





The tarpaulin is configured to your requirements

Every Company has it's own processes and it's own requirements. Therefore the tarpaulin cover can be produced in many different ways:

  • Side flaps
  • Sliding curtains on the side
  • Flap at the rear
  • Electrical winch or manual winch
  • Side entrance at the front
  • Elastic roll-up at the rear

Printing and logo on the tarpaulin

When the cover is closed, it can be tightened with elastic straps. This very smooth side makes the tarpaulin to a perfect driving billboard!

Removable cover structure

The tarpaulin and it's aluminium structure can easily be removed by hand. This is the Optimum solution for when you even need the last kilos of payload or if you have to drive a long distance empty.