soft covered trailers

Protected from wind, weather and prying eyes - the variable tarpaulin solutions for your trailer

Not only against hail, storm, sun or rain, but also against prying eyes, vehicles on the way from A to B can be protected with the tarpaulin solutions for the trailers from ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL.

These are used not only in bodywork and paint shops, but also in the transportation of classic cars, sports cars, promotional vehicles or in the field of motor sports.

Since the tarpaulin superstructures are placed on the outside of the trailer, all comfort functions for loading and unloading are retained. The robust frame construction made of light aluminum struts guarantees a stable structure and safety when driving.

Main advantages of tarpaulins

Robust frame construction

Lightweight aluminum struts

Stable construction guarantees safety while driving

Individual tarpaulin protection

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Solutions for individual requirements

In order to meet the different and individual requirements for a tarpaulin structure, we develop the right solution for the respective application.
Not only our experience is available for this, but also a comprehensive range of different functionalities and designs. Folding and sliding versions can be combined with different heights, tarpaulin colors, accessories and other wishes.

The well thought-out complete solution

With the series version of the tarpaulin structure, a well thought-out overall solution is available with which the respective trailer can be quickly and easily supplemented with the tarpaulin if required.
Since the tarpaulin structure is placed on the outside of the trailer, the aluminum frame can be rolled up and rolled off quickly and easily using two 2 support wheels.
The tarpaulin used in truck quality can be rolled up on all four sides. The desired color can be selected using a color sample card.
The standard version also includes the double interior lighting of the trailer on the front of the frame, a loading mirror on the left-hand side and a winch clamp that is located in the front right of the tarpaulin Frame.

The solution with a big mouth

With the folding version of the tarpaulin structure, the tarpaulins do not have to be rolled up. Instead, the rear side and the two side walls can be folded up quickly and without effort. The servo-assisted walls fold up automatically and offer free access to the load without great effort. At the same time, the folded-up walls are also ideal as sun or rain protection.

Curtain up with sliding tarpaulins

Another variant of the tarpaulin superstructure is the sliding tarpaulin. Thanks to the use of the practical sling locks, you can quickly get to the loaded vehicle even when space is limited. The tailgate can optionally be equipped with two gas pressure springs for opening and closing.

Technical information

Typ gross vehicle weight (kg) total length(mm) Floor L x W (m) tire felly series loading angle loading height (m)
27-21/46 X 2.700 5920 4,60 x 2,1 195/55 R10C 98P M+S ALU 0,58
30-21/46 X 3.000 5920 4,60 x 2,1 195/55 R10C 98P M+S ALU 0,58
30-21/53 X 3.000 6620 5,30 x 2,2 195/55 R10C 98P M+S ALU 7,5° 0,58
35-21/53 X 3.500 6620 5,30 x 2,2 195/50 R13C 104N M+S ALU 7,5° 0,66
35-21/60 X 3.500 7325 6,00 x 2,2 195/50 R13C 104N M+S ALU 7,5° 0,66
35-22/53 X 3.500 6620 5,30 x 2,3 195/50 R13C 104N M+S ALU 7,5° 0,66
35-22/60 X 3.500 7325 6,00 x 2,3 195/50 R13C 104N M+S ALU 7,5° 0,66

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Equipment for soft cover Tarpaulin

For the right perspective

So that you do not lose track of loading or unloading even in the dark, the tarpaulin structures can be equipped with interior lighting. The LED lamps are attached at the rear left and right.

additional loading rails

For flat sports cars or vehicles with spoilers, reduce the ramp angle with additional loading rails.

Remedy for narrow gauges - the three loading rails of the tarpaulin structure

The tarpaulin structure also offers you the right solution for loading vehicles with a small gauge. The two loading rails are supplemented by the optionally available center ramp. In this way, the charging process can be carried out quickly and safely.

Extras for winches

Supplements can also be provided for the winches used. They can be equipped with either steel or plastic cables.

Another option is to equip the trailer with a separate battery supply. The battery is mounted in a stable metal box under the plateau and in front of the double axis. The battery is charged via a 13-pin socket.

The equipment with a two-channel radio remote control offers further advantages, with which the functions of the cable winch can be controlled from any place.

More space than in any handbag: the tool boxes

Lockable storage spaces always have their purpose. For the tarpaulin assembly, two pieces can be integrated in the side cladding, left and right in front of the axles.

Everything in view - the panoramic mirror

You can keep an eye on everything with the large panoramic mirror, which enables fast, safe and damage-free loading. With the panoramic mirror as a starting aid, you avoid starting damage, as you always have problematic areas in view. You can also load a vehicle without a second person. The panoramic mirror is placed on the sloping roof in the front area.

Quick access to training wheels

Also in the front area, the two support wheels are placed on the left and right of the front, with the help of which the entire tarpaulin structure can be rolled off the trailer quickly and without any problems.

Well stowed winch during transport

The winch can also be safely stored inside the tarpaulin before and after each use. For this purpose, a corresponding bracket can optionally be provided in the front area on the frame of the tarpaulin frame.

Ramp holder

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