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The new Blitzlader 2 - Professional Car Transport is even more innovative

The new generation of the Blitzlader makes the professional car transport even easier, safer and more economical. As an innovative development of the car carrier with the unique buckling mechanism, the BL2 offers you an unbeatable payload of up to 3.1 tons! With it you transport even most vans fast and uncomplicated.

In the double cab now with 5,500 mm loading length can accommodate up to 7 People.

NEW by Blitzlader 2:

  • Improved construction: An even more stable frame with the same weight
  • New axle configuration for better traction
  • Disc brakes on all three axles for greater safety
  • Electronic stability control ESP supports in critical situations 
  • Higher trailer load of 3.5 t extends your application possibilities


 Additional Advantages:

  • Low approach angle of approx. 10 ° and up to 3.5 ° with ramps
  • Long loading area (up to 5,500 mm) with optimal load distribution
  • Comfortable handling with air suspension and hydroBalance (currently only on Ford Transit)

Main advantages of Blitzladers 2

Up to 3.1 t payload

Up to 3,5 t trailer load

Ready to load in 8 seconds

Fully hydraulic kink mechanism

Long loading area (up to 5.5 m) with optimal load distributionLastverteilung

Comfortable handling

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The highest payload in the branch

The weight-saving lightweight construction of the Blitzlader 2 gives you an optimal payload ratio. The innovative body with a 3.5 t chassis achieves a payload of up to 3.1 t.

Easy Load - Quick and fast away

With the hydraulic buckling mechanism "Easy Load" you load and unload your Blitzlader 2 incomparably fast. You can easily operate the transporter alone - optionally also with the radio remote Control.

Little need for space

Due to the unique buckling mechanism and short loading rails, it requires very little space in front of the vehicle to be transported. This will especially benefit you when loading in the city and other tight spaces.

Low approach angle

With an angle of only 10 °, you can effortlessly drive up almost all vehicles - and with the optional drive-on wedges, it even reduces to 3.5 °. Transport even lowered sports cars!

Unmatched ride comfort

The Blitzlader 2 is the most comfortable car carrier you can wish for. The air suspension and the low center of gravity due to the low loading platform height of 80 cm ensure the best possible handling. Drive relaxed through the bends.


hydroBalance - only on FORD Transit basis

  • Hydropneumatic chassis with roll compensation
  • Automatic, load-dependent lift axle
  • Level control after loading
  • Progressive suspension for maximum ride comfort
  • Traction aid for starting on slippery roads

Valuable purchase, favorable in operation

In comparison with truck bodies of similar payload for car transport, the Blitzlader 2 is not only cheaper to buy. Above all, you benefit from lower costs such as fuel, taxes and insurance in daily operations. And when reselling your used Blitzlader 2, the value of this quality product ensures a high residual value.

Thanks to tandem axle - load always optimally distributed

On the 5,500 mm loading area of the Blitzlader 2 you transport even vehicles with a longer wheelbase. But no matter how long or short the vehicle to be transported is - over the tandem axle, the load is always optimally distributed.

Dual Use - Double cab with 5,500 mm loading length

In the double cab now with 5,500 mm loading length can accommodate up to 7 people.
The Blitzader 2 can be used as a car transporter with a double cabin as breakdown service vehicle and workshop vehicle. The complete equipment "breakdown and tool set" can be easily accommodated in the double cabin.
(Doppe cabin not currently on Ford Transit)


Technical information

As a base vehicle are single or double cabins of various brands with rear or front wheel drive.

loading width 2.090 mm
loading length 5.500 mm
Ladehöhe ca. 820 mm
loading angle 10°
maximum weight allowed up to 5,9 t depending on the chassis
payload up to 3,1 t depending on the chassis

Changes and errors excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate values. Accessories increase the curb weight. Illustrations may include special Equipment.

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Equipment for Blitzlader 2

Electric winches

Extra strong and laterally movable, with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 t. Winches allow the recovery of vehicles that are no longer fit to drive. Our electric winches are equipped with planetary gearbox, forward and reverse, free-wheeling and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are available as lightweight cust fiber or steel rope with safety hooks.

Radio remote control

  • Raise and lower plateau
  • Extend and retract sliding platform
  • operate winch
  • Rotating lights and 
  • work lights

lifting axle

Optional lift axle system provides additional driving comfort in the case of empty runs thanks to its enormous ease of movement, high suspension comfort, reduced wear and reduced fuel consumption. With rear-wheel drive, the lift axle increases the traction of the rear axle by 100%.
Air suspension ensures car-like driving characteristics and prevents the laden vehicle from rocking. The air suspension improves the roadholding thanks to the low center of gravity and ensures optimum handling when cornering.

loading rails

Easily loaded vehicles with small gauges or trailers: by optional, electric, extendable center ramp.
With optional 3-piece ramps a low approach angle of only about 3.5 ° can be made possible, eg. B. for sports cars.


Lockable storage compartments in the side panel left and right in front of the axles.
Dimensions: 780 x 310 x 345 mm


Hitch at the front of the loading area 13-pin socket.

warning console

A 1500 mm wide warning console with LED flashing modules, 2 LED work lights and three-chamber tail light. Mounting on a large flyer or light carrier..

working headlights

Mounted on the flyer / light carrier on the left and right.

panoramic mirror

Is mounted on a large flyer or light carrier.

Headlight oval rear

Behind the axles, in side paneling.


With optional 3-piece ramps, a lower angle of only 4.5 °, for sports cars. The optional ramps fit perfectly in the tool box.

Breakdown service and towing accessories

Useful extras integrated in the flyer

  • Plastic container 35 liters and oil binder container with holder
  • Pylons, shovel and broom
  • extinguisher
  • Ball head hitch

Tip: How to avoid fines

Excluded from the driving and rest periods are also special roadside assistance vehicles, which are used within a radius of 100 km around their location. For these vehicles, the vehicle registration certificate must state that they are recognized as "breakdown assistance vehicles". It must appear in the vehicle registration document under no. 33 "to be registered as a breakdown assistance vehicle in accordance with § 45 (4) no. 2 StVZO". Furthermore, also tow trucks are excluded, which are designed and suitable for towing vehicles only with a crane fixed on the vehicle.

The run over trailer - fast to a Road Train!

With the override trailer you can transport two vehicles quickly and comfortably. The vehicles are charged by the self-tipping mechanism of the trailer and the ramps at lightning speed. The override trailer with its gauge is exactly matched to the width of the truck bed. When empty, the override trailer simply drives along on the towing vehicle.
Without depending on the road Train:

  • Attach the trailer and fold the ramps to the overpass bridge.
  • Drive the trailer with the first vehicle - the trailer automatically returns to its horizontal Position.
  • Run over the overpass bridge onto the towing vehicle.
  • Drive the trailer with the second vehicle.
  • After lashing the vehicles, you can start!

Plane and box platform

Protect especially valuable cargo from prying eyes or the weather.

We are at your disposal for questions about the Blitzlader 2 at any time.

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