Blitzlader 2 on Ford Transit Basis

Even safer and more comfortable with hydroBalance

Maximum economy up to 3.2 t payload

Easy Load - fast and easy loading and unloading in 8 seconds

hydroBalance suspension with automatic level control

Fully automatic load-dependent lift axle

Low approach angle approx. 10 °

Traction help at the touch of a button (for example with smoothness)

The hydro-pneumatic hydroBalance suspension is even safer and more comfortable

With the newly developed hydro-pneumatic chassis ALGEMA FIT-ZEL sets new standards in this field. The innovative chassis ensures optimal handling in every situation and protects the driver and the cargo equally. Manufacturer-dependent driver assistance systems, such as ESP, support the chassis in an outstanding manner. Comfortable suspension with every load

Drive safely, even on uneven terrain. The chassis adapts at any time to the condition of the road. The progressive suspension characteristics ensure optimum suspension comfort in every situation - depending on the load condition. The chassis prevents a rocking or swinging of the loaded vehicle.


Safe road holding with roll stabilization

The hydraulic roll compensation reduces the inclination of the vehicle with strong side forces, such as cornering or extreme crosswinds and improves the road holding. The roll stabilization offers a high level of safety and guarantees optimum steering behavior.

The fully automatic lift axle

Depending on the load status of the flash charger 2, the lift axle (3rd axle) is automatically lowered or raised. When the vehicle is loaded, the lift axle lowers automatically and offers more axle load and better driving stability. When empty, the lift axle lifts automatically and provides more traction on the road. Less fuel consumption and reduced tire wear increase economy.

Regulations with level

The automatic level control brings the plateau to the driving level after each loading and unloading process - regardless of the position of the lifting axle. This also ensures the statutory height for underride protection. During the journey, the level is constantly monitored and a possible deviation is displayed. Due to the automatic level control the lighting has to be set only once and no readjustment is necessary.

Help with starting at the push of a button

At start-up problems, z. B. smoothness, the driver can increase the axle pressure on the driven axle briefly by pressing a button. The traction help provides the necessary traction of the drive axle.

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Technical data

Type Gross weight Curb weight Payload approx Trailer load Loading dimensions L x W Loading height Tires Ride angle
EK HA Hydro 5.900 kg 2.700 kg 3.200 kg 2.700 kg 5.500 x 2.090 mm 860 mm 235/65 R-16C 10°

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