The powerful car transporter

The car transporter with all-aluminum fixed plateau is a robust and economical solution for the solid car transport. Up to 3,75 tons of payload provide an excellent basis for versatile use. The Festplateau 2 is ideal for hauliers who prefer the cost-conscious use on the track. The durable construction ensures low maintenance costs. The robust design of all components allows long-term trouble-free Operation.

Main advantages of Festplateau 2

Aluminum / steel compound construction

Simple and effective technique

Ideal as a "road train" with override trailer

Technical information

Single or double cabins (only IVECO) of different brands with rear-wheel drive are suitable as the base vehicle.

maximum weight allowed up to 7,0 t depending on the chassis
permissible gross train weight up to 10,5 t depending on the chassis
payload up to 3,75 t depending on the chassis
loading angle approx. 11° depending on the chassis
loading length up to 6.200 mm depending on the chassis
loading width up to 2.300 mm depending on the chassis

Changes and errors excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate values. Accessories increase the curb weight. Illustrations may include special Equipment.

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Choose your brand for the Festeplateau 2 construction

Make a solid and reliable route

With the new ALGEMA Festplateau 2, a car transporter is presented with which you can find the right basis for cost-conscious car transport and still remain variable. By selecting different chassis, a payload of 3,75 t can be realised with the ALGEMA Festplateau 2.

This means that you can achieve the payload of a small truck, but you do not have to accept its costs. Because with the ALGEMA Festplateau 2, these correspond to the costs to be expected when using a light transporter.

Speaking of light: With the help of the loading rails that can be pulled out by hand, quick and easy loading also becomes a breeze.

Reduce the loading height and the approach angle with less air

If you want to expand the possible uses of the ALGEMA Fixed Plateau 2, you can have the vehicle equipped with an optionally available lowerable air suspension. This allows the loading height and the approach angle to be reduced.

A full air suspension of the brand VB AirSuspension is used for this. The equipment features include not only a special control for car transport, but also additional valves for manually filling the suspension.

High economy and sustainable use

One of the basic principles of ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL products is to build vehicles and trailers so that they are long-lasting and sustainable. This procedure not only ensures low maintenance costs, but also years of trouble-free use.

Of course, this also applies to the ALGEMA fixed plateau 2, which has proven itself thanks to its aluminum / steel compound construction, high-quality workmanship and the robust design of all components. The same applies to simple but effective technology. This shows that cost awareness and "cheap solutions" are two fundamentally different things.



Even more efficient as a road train

Flexible solutions play an important role, especially in car transport. Thanks to the possibility of combining the ALGEMA fixed plateau 2 with a drive-over trailer, the vehicle becomes a road train.

In conjunction with the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans trailer, two vehicles can be loaded quickly and easily for transportation without having to detach the trailer. This is made possible by the trailer's practical self-tipping mechanism and the drive-over ramps of the ALGEMA fixed plateau 2. The Euro-Trans drive-over trailer is precisely matched to the loading area width of the fixed plateau 2 with its track width. And when driving empty, the drive-over trailer simply drives on the towing vehicle.

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Equipment for Festplateau 2

Electric winches

Extra strong and laterally movable, with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 t. Winches allow the recovery of vehicles that are no longer fit to drive. Our electric winches are equipped with planetary gearbox, forward and reverse, free-wheeling and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are available as lightweight cust fiber or steel rope with safety hooks.

Flyer + Equipment

  • Warning console Highline Flyer with 2 LED flashing modules, 2 LED work lights and 3-chamber tail light
  • Ambient lighting with LED headlights left and right
  • Work lights mounted on the flyer / light carrier on the left and right
  • Panaroma mirror mounted on large flyer or light carrier


Uncomplicated vehicles with low gauges or trailers can be loaded: with 2 additional individually attachable aluminum charging rails with storage under the standard charging rails
With optional 3-piece ramps a low approach angle of only about 3.5 ° can be made possible, eg. B. for sports cars.


Lockable storage spaces in the side panel in front of the axles.
Dimensions: 780 x 310 x 345 mm

Perfectly equipped for breakdown service and towing

Breakdown service operations often have their peculiarities. So it's good to be prepared for different challenges. The breakdown and towing set, which comes with useful extras, offers valuable help. Integrated in the flyer, this includes not only an oil binder container with holder, but also pylons, shovel and broom as well as a plastic container with a volume of 35 liters. The breakdown and towing set is rounded off with a fire extinguisher and a ball head hitch.

Protected from wind, weather and prying eyes - the tarpaulin and case bodies

With the tarpaulins and box bodies (removable) you can protect particularly valuable goods from prying eyes or the weather. Since the various superstructures are placed on the outside of the loading area, all comfort functions for loading and unloading as well as the loading area of the vehicle are retained without restriction.

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