The AT Series

The AT series is the rampless trailer for professional car transport. ALGEMA FIT-ZEL lightweight trailers are based on a solid frame profile in aluminum / steel compound construction. This guarantees high torsional stiffness combined with a high payload.

Main advantages of the AT trailer

rampless trailer

Aluminum / steel compound construction

high payload

X-Line swing axle

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The rampless trailer

Made in aluminum-steel compound construction. Strong U-profile tubes made of high-strength fine-grained steel in combination with aluminum in the construction combine extreme material tensile strength with perfect absorption behavior under impact. When lowering the platform, the taillights swivel out automatically - up to an angle for free driveway and still good visibility of the lighting for subsequent traffic.

X-Line swing axle - suspension with the highest level of ride comfort

The self-developed and patented X-Line swing axle, which guarantees a maximum of active ride comfort with 100% load balancing. Furthermore, the X-Line swing axle from ALGEMA FIT-ZEL offers the same braking effect on all wheels. This makes it possible to drive comfortably on uneven roads and different coupling heights can be easily compensated.

Ready to load with a minimum of handles

Alternatively, we offer spindle tilting, a fast, manual hydraulic pump or a highly comfortable electro-hydraulic.

Technical information

Typ AT 3010 MX AT 3513 MX
gross vehicle weight (kg) 3000 kg 3500 kg
tare weight 590 kg 665 kg
payload 2410 kg 2835 kg
loading angle 9,5°
loading width 2100 mm 2100 mm
loading height 540 mm 650 mm

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Equipment for AT series

Always a safe step - the aluminum center floor

If desired, the plateau of the AT between the two lanes can be supplemented by a walk-in central floor.

The aluminum floor was designed for particularly high point loads, which occur, for example, when trailers with a support wheel are frequently loaded.

Lift axle - light and economical on the go

With the optionally available lifting axle system, additional driving comfort is provided for empty runs. The great smoothness and high suspension comfort are only one side of the coin. In addition, the rear axle traction is increased by 100% in vehicles with rear-wheel drive. It is no less important that the use of the lift axle means less wear and less fuel consumption.

Hand winch

The pulling of a vehicle onto the trailer can be precisely adjusted with the hand cable winch.

Let it pull powerfully - the electric cable winches

They are extra strong and have a pulling force of up to 3.5 t. Only electric winches from well-known manufacturers with CE certification are used in the offered electric winches.

These are equipped with planetary gears, forward and reverse, freewheel and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are optionally available as light synthetic fibers or steel with safety hooks. The cable winch is modified by us in an optimized way for car transport: This means that the rope runs off at the top so that the towing hook of the vehicle to be towed has to be pulled down as little as possible.

Spare wheel with bracket

Spare wheel on aluminum rim 10 "or 13" inches.
Bracket mounted under the bed.

Hydraulic tilting device

Manual hydraulic tipping instead of spindle.

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