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Algema AT Series

The Trailer with the tilting chassis and the galvanized steel frame

AT Series - the trailer without ramps

Because of the tilting chassis, it is possible to drive on the deck without using loose ramps. This makes it possible to use the trailer for recovery of badly damages vehicles. Of Course, this trailer also is used for normal car Transport.
AT: the flexible solution for Workshops who need a "Jack of all trades"


Standard equipment:

  • Tilting chassis
  • X-Line single wheel suspension
  • Aluminium drive lanes
  • Automatically swibeling taillights 

Optional Equipment

  • Spare Wheel with carrier
  • Lift axle
  • Manual oder electrical winch
  • Hydraulic or electric tiliting mechanism
  • Crashlift
  • Tool box

Technical information AT Series

The AT is produced as a 3.0t and 3.5t trailer with a deck of 4.7 x 2x1m.

TypAT 3010 MX
Gross vehicle weight3.0t
Tare weight590kg
Floor (LxW)4.7 x 2.1m
Loading Angle
TypAT 3513 MX
Total Weight3.5t
Own Weight665kg
Loading Gauge (LxW)4.7 x 2.1m
Loading Angle9.5°