Accessories for the EURO-TRANS

Additional accessories

  • Additional Hydraulic tilt mechanism (single or double acting)
  • Radio remote control for electric winches
  • Side-marker lamps
  • Tyre Trays
  • Toolboxes
  • Anti-snaking hitch
  • Theft protection
  • Wheel stop bar (for lashing-down all wheels)
  • Tow dollies

Hydraulic tilt mechanism

Side and floor panels

  • Alluminium side panels: foldable, removable, panel height 400mm
  • Floor panels with alluminium or synthetic flooring
  • Storage trays in the platform for additional wheels

Synthetic floor panel

Loading rails and drive-over devices

  • Plateau-loading rail
  • Additional loading rails for even lower ramp angle
  • Motorbike rail, also foldable
  • Drive-over device and  traverse-ramp onto Blitzlader
  • Wheel leveller, foldable

Platform loading rail

Hard Tops

  • High-quality, solid protection of valuable cargo
  • EURO-Van version with flaps or doors, can be combined
  • EURO-City version with sliding tarpaulin and roll-up door
  • All loading functions of the trailer remain unchanged when using superstructures.

EURO-Van hard top

Tarpaulin Systems

  • Protect valuable cargo
  • Combine folding or sliding tarpaulins freely
  • Height 1.8 m or 2.0 m, different colors available
  • All loading functions of the trailer remain unchanged when using superstructures.
  • Roll of the cover frame completly with a few simple steps and use it as a garage.

Tarpaulin cover with flap doors


Winches allow you to recover broken down vehicles. Choose from a wide range of manual and electric winches.

  • Hand wire rope winch (900 and 1200 kg tractor by AL-KO)
  • Electric winches (3560 kg traction / Rhino 8 or 2260 kg traction / Honcho 5000)
  • Optional: steel wire or synthetic rope
  • Separate battery supply with charger via 13-pin socket
  • Remote Control

Hand wire rope winch