The entry into the world of professional vehicle transportation

The euro now offers the opportunity to acquire a technically mature and proven FIT-ZEL original vehicle trailer.
Getting into the professional world of vehicle transport, made by FIT-ZEL, has never been easier.

Main advantages of the euro special Edition


even tilting


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Self-tipping enables quick loading and unloading

With the self-tipping mechanism, the euro can be loaded easily and in no time. The toggle dampers need just 12 seconds to smoothly lower the aluminum plateau and automatically lock it for the loading process.

High quality aluminum design

Even with the euro, there are no cuts in production quality. With the euro, of course, there is a trailer in a light all-aluminum construction.

High payload thanks to the lightweight design

Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Euro offers an excellent payload ratio. Vehicles up to 2.2 t can be transported with the Trailer.

More driving comfort

Equipping the chassis with shock absorbers in the Euro special model ensures greater driving comfort and at the same time the 100 km / h approval in Germany.

Technical information

Euro gross vehicle weight (kg) payload (kg) charge load L x W (m) Tyres
27-20/41T 2.700 2.210 4,15 x 2,00 195/55 R10C
27-20/41ZW 2.700 2.195 4,15 x 2,00 145 R12C
30-20/48T 3.000 2.460 4,85 x 2,00 195/55 R10C
30-20/48ZW 3.000 2.445 4,85 x 2,00 145 R12C

Equipment for EURO

Always a safe step - the aluminum center floor

If desired, the plateau of the Euro between the two lanes can be supplemented by a walk-in central floor.
The aluminum floor was designed for particularly high point loads, which occur, for example, when trailers with a support wheel are frequently loaded.

Safe on the train - the manual cable winch Type 901A

With the hand winch of the FIT-ZEL Euro, the pulling of a vehicle on the trailer can be precisely adjusted.
The type 901A hand cable winch has a pulling force of 900 kg, including a deflection roller for 1,800 kg pulling force. The winch is equipped with an automatic unwind and an automatic load pressure brake, so that the removable crank can be released in any position.
The hand cable winch is equipped with a 6 mm steel cable as well as safety hook and Loop.

Let it pull powerfully - the electric cable winches

They are extra strong and have a pulling power of up to 3.5 tons. Only winches from well-known manufacturers with CE-certification are used for the offered electric rope winches.

They are equipped with planetary gear, forward and reverse motion, cable freewheel and an optional radio remote control. Winch cables are optionally available as light synthetic fibre or steel with safety hook. The cable winch is converted by us in an optimised way for car transport: This means that the cable runs off at the top so that the towing hook of the vehicle to be towed needs to be pulled down as little as possible.

Remedy for narrow gauges - the four loading rails of the Euro

The Fitzel Euro also offers you the right solution for loading vehicles with a narrow track gauge. The two loading rails are supplemented by the two centre ramps available as an option. This means that the loading process can be carried out quickly and without risk.

The answer to low ground clearance

Those who want to transport vehicles with low ground clearance will find the right solution in the optional additional loading rails of the FIT-ZEL Euro. With the two hook-in aluminium loading rails, the ramp angle is reduced from 9° to 5°.

During the journey, the two rails are placed between the tracks, secured by a central locking system.


Lockable storage spaces always have their purpose. For the euro, two pieces can be installed under the loading area on the left and right in front of the axles. The dimensions of the tool boxes are 645 x 220 x 300 mm.

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