FIT-ZEL Uni-Trans

Six meters of space for universal transport tasks

Sometimes a little more is anything but a disadvantage. This is impressively demonstrated by the FIT-ZEL UNI-TRANS transport trailer. Due to its well-thought-out construction, its dimensions, the high-quality workmanship and various technical details, it lives up to its name in terms of universality.

Main advantages of the Unitrans

All-aluminum universal transporter


extra long

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Lightweight and durable thanks to high-quality construction.

From the chassis in reinforced double-profile construction to the loading rails and the loading platform, the FIT-ZEL UNI-TRANS uses a high-quality construction made of aluminum. This means that the UNI-TRANS not only stands for durability, but also for a low weight.

1.5 + 1.5 + 1.5 = high payload

The three axles not only shape the side view of the FIT-ZEL UNI-TRANS, but also the load capacity of the trailer. If the UNI-TRANS comes to a technically approved total weight of 4.5 tons.

Flat opening angle and low loading height

The FIT-ZEL UNI-TRANS does not want to go high, but prefers to stay on the ground. Thanks to the low loading height of 580 cm and an opening angle of only 6.5 °, vehicles of different sizes can be loaded easily. The two extendable, laterally movable and lockable ALU loading rails also contribute to this.

Choice between XL and XXL

As far as the loading width is concerned, the FIT-ZEL UNI-TRANS prefers to use a little more than a little too narrow. The universal trailer with 2,200 cm and 2,400 cm is available in two different loading widths.

Technical information

Typ 35-22 / 60 T 35-24 / 60 T
gross vehicle weight (kg) 3500 kg 3500 kg
tare weight 890 kg 920 kg
payload 2610 kg 2580 kg
loading angle 6,5° 6,5°
loading length ca. 6000 mm ca. 6000 mm
loading width 2200 mm 2400 mm
loading height ca. 580 mm ca. 580 mm

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