Eder Profitechnik Gruppe

Hard cover Euro-Van Euro-City

High value vehicles deserve the best protection. Protection against damage, prying eyes and simply against dirt. The Euro-Van and Euro-City trailers are designed with exactly this goal.

Euro-Van Euro-City - hard covered trailers

High value vehicles Need Special protection during transport. For insurance reasons, it is sometimes needed to have a hard cover.
The Euro-Van is completely solid and the Euro-City has a sliding curtain.

Euro-Van with flaps and doors

The Euro-Van can be configurated with flaps and doors

  • Flaps or double door at the rear
  • Flaps at the side
  • Double- or triple-leave door at the side
  • Sliding door at the front for a Manual winch outside the cover
  • Electric winch, movable in width

Euro-City with sliding curtains

The Euro-City can be equiped with sliding curtains. The main advantage is the reduced weight compared to the Euro-Van.
Because of the vertical support in the curtain, it is still very hard to enter the cover without permission.

Also the Euro-City can be configurated according your daily business

  • Sliding door at the rear
  • Double door at the rear
  • Sliding curtains at the side
  • Electric winch, movable in width