The new Blitzlader 2 - Professional Car Transport is even more innovative

The new generation of the Algema Blitzlader 2 makes professional car transport even easier, safer and more economical. As an innovative development of the proven car carrier with the unique buckling mechanism, the Blitzlader 2 offers you an unbeatable payload of up to 3.3 tonnes. Even most vans can be transported with the Blitzlader 2 fast and uncomplicated. Among numerous equipment variants, you will surely find the right Blitzlader 2 for your needs.

With numerous novelties and technical improvements, the Blitzlader 2 presents itself as a car transporter, offering the right answers for different purposes. An example is the variant with double cab, which is now also available with a loading area of 5,500 mm loading length and offers space for up to 6 people.

Main advantages of Blitzladers 2

Up to 3.3 t payload

Up to 3,5 t trailer load

Ready to load in 8 seconds

Fully hydraulic kink mechanism

Long loading area (up to 5.5 m) with optimal load distributionLastverteilung

Comfortable handling

Technical information

As a base vehicle are single or double cabins of various brands with rear or front wheel drive.

maximum weight allowed up to 5,9 t depending on the chassis
payload up to 3,3 t depending on the chassis
loading angle 10°
loading length 5.500 mm
loading width 2.090 mm
loading high ca. 820 mm

Changes and errors excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate values. Accessories increase the curb weight. Illustrations may include special Equipment.

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Choose your brand for the Blitzlader 2 construction

Rebuilding chassis

This is made possible by the innovative conversion of the chassis. The front axle and driver's cab of the vehicle are connected to a frame developed by EDER. This has a tandem axle and allows the extension of the wheelbase. The conversion thus creates a vehicle with a total weight of up to 6.3 tonnes. This results in an unbeatable tare weight to payload ratio. This leads to very low fuel consumption and less wear and tear. The life cycle costs are minimised as a result.

Lift axle - light and economical on the road

The optionally available lift axle system provides additional driving comfort during empty runs. The high level of light traction and suspension comfort is only one side of the coin. In addition, the traction of the rear axle is increased in vehicles with rear-wheel drive. No less important is that the use of the lift axle results in less wear and tear and reduced fuel consumption.

The highest payload in the branch

The weight-saving lightweight construction of the Algema Blitzlader 2 ensures an optimal payload ratio. Thanks to the innovative construction made by EDER, a payload of up to 3.3 t is available with a 3.5 t chassis.

This is made possible by the innovative conversion of the chassis. The front axle and driver's cab of the vehicle are connected to a frame developed by EDER. This has a tandem axle and allows the extension of the wheelbase. This results in a 5.9-ton truck (varies depending on the manufacturer) from a 3.5 t chassis. The result is a cargo bed length of up to 5,500 mm for single and double cab and a payload of up to 3.3 t.

Easy Load - Quick and fast away

With the hydraulic buckling mechanism and automatically extendable charging rails you load and unload your Blitzlader 2 incomparably fast. They load easily without stooping, without dirty hands, without risk of injury, without physical exertion and for everyone easy and alone to use. Optionally even more comfortable with the radio remote control.

Little need for space

Due to the unique buckling mechanism and short loading rails, it requires very little space in front of the vehicle to be transported. This will especially benefit you when loading in the city and other tight spaces.

Low approach angle

Thanks to the buckling mechanism of the Blitzlader 2, the car transporter is not only ready to load in just a few seconds, but also has a loading angle of only 10 °. With the optional ramps you can even reduce this to 4.5 °. With the Algema Blitzlader 2 you can easily drive up almost all vehicles. The spectrum ranges from the lowered sports car to small vans.

Unmatched ride comfort

The Algema Blitzlader 2 is the most comfortable car transporter you can wish for. The air suspension ensures car-like driving characteristics and prevents the laden vehicle from rocking. In conjunction with the low center of gravity and the low loading height of 80m cm, the road conditions are improved and optimum handling when cornering possible. So you can enjoy every ride.

Valuable purchase, favorable in operation

Smaller but finer. Thus, the economic balance of the Blitzladers 2 can be rewritten if you compare it with truck bodies with similar payload. Already in the purchase of the Blitzlader 2 cheaper than larger vehicles. In addition, you benefit in daily operation from the lower costs of fuel, tire wear, taxes and insurance.

And when reselling your used Blitzlader 2, the value of this quality product ensures a high residual value.

Thanks to tandem axle - load always optimally distributed

On the loading area of the Blitzlader 2, which is up to 5,500 mm long, even transporting vehicles with a longer wheelbase is no problem. Responsible for this is the tandem axle developed and tested by EDER. It ensures that, regardless of the charging situation, the load is always optimally distributed.

Dual Use - Double cab with 5,500 mm loading length

Lots of space for the vehicle and the take of up to 6 people offers you variant of the Algema Blitzladers 2 with double cabin. In this variant, the car transporter can be used as breakdown service vehicle and workshop vehicle. The complete setup "breakdown and tool set" can easily be accommodated in the double cabin. You can also order the version with a double cabin with a loading length of 5,500 mm. (At present, the version with double cab is not yet available on Ford Transit)

Protected from wind, weather and prying eyes - the tarpaulin and box bodies

With the tarpaulins and luggage bodies (removable), you can protect particularly valuable cargo from prying eyes or the weather. Since the various bodies are placed on the outside of the cargo area, all comfort functions for loading and unloading as well as the loading area of the vehicle remain unrestricted.

The override trailer - minutes to the Road Train!

In conjunction with a ride-over trailer, such as the Fit-Zel Eurotrans, the Blitzlader turns into a roadtrain within minutes. This allows you to transport two vehicles quickly and comfortably.

The self-tipping mechanism of the trailer and the ramps allow the vehicles to be charged at lightning speed when used as a roadtrain. The override trailer is tuned with its track exactly on the bed width of the vehicle transporter. When empty, the override trailer simply drives along on the towing vehicle.

In just a few steps to the Road Train: Attach the override trailer to the Blitzlader 2 and fold the ramps to the overpass bridge. Drive the Euro-Trans trailer with the first vehicle and drive over to the Blitzlader 2. With the second vehicle you can now load the Überfahranhänger and after lashing the two vehicles can start!

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Equipment for Blitzlader 2

Electric winches

They are extra strong, can be moved sideways and have a pulling force of up to 3.5 t. The electric winches offered exclusively use winches from well-known manufacturers with CE certification.

These are equipped with planetary gear, forward and reverse, free-rope and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are optionally available as lightweight synthetic fiber or steel with safety hooks. The cable winch is converted by us optimized for the car transport: This causes the rope runs from above, so that the towing hooks of the vehicle to be pulled as little as possible must be pulled down.

Everything at your fingertips - the radio remote control of the Blitzlader 2

In addition to the control panel, a radio remote control is offered for the Blitzlader 2. All activities related to loading and unloading can be controlled and managed by one person. A fast and comfortable process flow is ensured. With the remote control you have access to the control of the plateau, the charging rails, the winch, the warning console and the work lights from any position.

Lift axle - light and economical on the way

With the optionally available Liftach system, additional driving comfort is provided for empty runs. The great ease of movement and the high suspension comfort are only one side of the coin. In addition, rear-wheel drive vehicles increase traction on the rear axle by 100%. No less important is the fact that the use of the lift axle results in less wear and reduced fuel consumption.

Remedy for narrow gauges - the three charging rails of the flash charger

The Algema Blitzlader also offers you the right solution for loading low-gauge vehicles or trailers. The two charging rails are supplemented by the optional middle ramp. This way the charging process can be carried out quickly and without danger. The high-quality aluminum ramp is automatically extendable and can also be controlled via the remote control.

More space than in any handbag: The toolboxes

Lockable storage spaces always have their purpose. For the Blitzlader 2, two pieces can be integrated in the side panel, left and right in front of the axles. The dimensions of the tool boxes are 780 x 310 x 345 mm.

Loading ball - a round thing for the safe transport of trailers

Small, round and effective. With the trailer loading ball, a fuse for the transport of loaded trailers can be provided on the front of the loading area. The loading ball is mounted on an additional truss and has a 13-pin socket to illuminate the loaded trailer.

Attention use - the warning console

Good lighting conditions for safety. This also applies, for example, to the loading of vehicles in the street. For these and other purposes, the Blitzlader 2 can be equipped with a 1500 mm wide warning console with LED flashing modules, two powerful LED work lights and a three-chamber tail light. The complete warning console is mounted on the large flyer or light carrier.

Good view of the cargo - the work lights

Anyone who wants to keep an eye on the loading area at all times and with light can ensure this with the adjustable and bright LED worklights. These are mounted on the flyer / light carrier on the left and right.

Everything in view - the panorama mirror

You can keep an eye on everything with the large panorama mirror, which can be mounted on request in the large flyer or light carrier. The panorama mirror enables fast, safe and damage-free loading. With the panoramic mirror as start-up aid, you avoid collision damage, since you always have problem areas in view, and thus fully utilize the loading area, even on longer vehicles. They load a vehicle without a second person.

So that you are well seen - the ambient lighting

So that you and the vehicle are always well seen, two LED headlights can be integrated on the left and right behind the axles. When reverse is engaged, these make themselves useful as additional reversing lights.

Flat, flat, drive-up wedges

The optional 3-piece ramps allow you to reduce the Algema flash loader's low angle of attack to 4.5 degrees. Thus, for example, the transport of many lowered sports cars is not a problem. The optional ramps fit perfectly in the tool box.

Everything for the breakdown service and towing

For use in roadside assistance, many accessories are an advantage. With the breakdown and towing kit you can supplement your Algema Blitzlader 2 with useful extras, which are integrated in the flyer. This includes

  • Plastic container 35 liters and oil binder container with holder
  • Pylons, shovel and broom
  • extinguisher
  • Ball head hitch

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