The new Audi Service Mobil on Volkswagen Crafter basis

The Blitzlader 2 was developed in close cooperation with Audi AG especially for your needs at the Audi dealership. The car transporter is specially designed to transport the entire range of vehicles from Audi and its brand world. There is no problem loading from the "A1" to the heavy "Q8" up to a payload of 3.0 t on the Blitzlader 2. Also, the electric models "e-tron" with high weight or lowered sports cars with little ground clearance can be easily loaded and unloaded.
Further information will soon be available on your Audi intranet.

Transport economically and favorably with innovative technology

Payload up to 3.1 t on a 3.5 t base chassis

Payload as truck - costs similar to cars

Ready to charge in sensational 8 seconds

Low approach angle approx. 10 ° (optional 3.5 °)

Low length requirement during loading and unloading

Favorable for consumption, maintenance and service

Low center of gravity - Safe driving characteristics

Type Gross weight Curb weight Payload approx Trailer load Loading dimensions L x W Loading height Tires Ride angle
EK FA Luft 5.900 kg 2.790 kg 3.110 kg 3.000 kg 5.500 x 2.090 mm 820 mm 205/75 R-16C 10°
EK HA Luft 5.900 kg 2.930 kg 2.970 kg 3.500 kg 5.500 x 2.090 mm 820 mm 235/65 R-16C 10°
DOKA FA Luft 5.900 kg 2.930 kg 2.970 kg 3.000 kg 5.500 x 2.090 mm 820 mm 205/75 R-16C 10°
DOKA HA Luft 5.900 kg 3.050 kg 2.850 kg 3.500 kg 5.500 x 2.090 mm 820 mm 235/65 R-16C 10°

Dual Use - Double Cab

Lots of space for the vehicle and the take of up to 6 people offers you variant of the Algema Blitzladers 2 with double cabin. In this variant, the car transporter can be used as breakdown service vehicle and workshop vehicle. The complete setup "breakdown and tool set" can easily be accommodated in the double cabin. You can also order the version with a double cabin with a loading length of 5,500 mm.

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We also gladly accept your Service Mobile lettering for z. As Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or for breakdown services ADAC and Assistance Beschklebung in hand. We accompany you from the first conversation through the design to the manufacture and affixing of the lettering on your vehicle.

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