ALGEMA Blitzlader R

Blitzlader R - Professional vehicle transport

The Blitzlader R is the representative vehicle for the professional car transport. Experience professional car transport with the robust buckling mechanism for fastest loading and unloading. Up to 3.1 t payload make the Blitzlader R unique in this vehicle class! Innovative technology ensures ideal economic productivity, exceptional ride comfort and high safety. The unbeatable payload ratio of the Blitzlader R is due to the innovative conversion of the chassis: By attaching a separate frame with a tandem axle, a 3.5 t chassis is transformed into a 5.9 tonne (varies depending on the manufacturer).
Flexible application Options:

  • Distribution tours in dealership groups
  • Breakdown and towing services
  • Customer Service Rides (Hol + Bring)
  • Vehicle deliveries to customers
  • Young and old-timer logistics
  • Used settlement

Main advantages of Blitzladers R

Up to 3.1 t payload

Air suspension chassis

Kink chassis fully hydraulically tiltable

Ready to load in 8 seconds

Optional mechanical lift axle

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More than 50% payload/tare-weight ratio

The Blitzlader`s weight-saving frame construction results in an optimum payload ratio.

  • Extremely economical: payload of a truck – expenses of a commercial vehicle
  • Innovative design: gross weight of up to 5.9t, payload of up to 3.1t using a chassis of 3.5t
  • Low operating costs: low fuel consumption, low maintenance and low service costs



Loading and unloading fast and comfortably

The Blitzlader`s hydraulic tilting mechanism allows fast loading and unloading.

  • Simple: one-man operation
  • Fast: ready to load in sensational 8 seconds
  • Widely applicable: low ramp angle of
  • Compact: Little space required for loading and unloading



Chassis with air suspension

The unique chassis with innovative technology ensures exceptional driving comfort and safety.

  • Ideal road behaviour when taking curves
  • Very low center of gravity due to loading height of only 60cm
  • No bouncing of the loaded vehicle because of the air suspension
  • Car-like driving characteristics



Longevity – low depreciation value and high resale value

Premium workmanship and robust design of all components ensure a long lifecycle

  • Low depreciation per kilometer
  • High resale value
  • Durable and rugged



Customised configuration - we build to your daily demands

Customise the Blitzlader R according to your needs:

  • Double cabin: carry up to 6 people, ideal for pick-up transports
  • Lift axle: reduces wear and saves fuel when driving without load
  • Cross-over trailer: create a road train without disconnecting the trailer
  • Tarpaulins and hard covers: Protect your cargo - ideal for car body and paint shops, promotional cars, vintage cars and motorsport



Technical information

Many kinds of chassis can be converted: different brands, single or double cab, front or rear wheel drive. The single cabin can be build as a XL or XXL.

All Blitzlader have one thing in common: Driver's licence category C (trucks)

loading width 2.100 mm
loading length 5.200 mm respectively 5.900 mm
ramp width 550 mm
loading angle
maximum weight allowed up to 5,9 t depending on the chassis
payload up to 3,1 t depending on the chassis

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Equipment for Blitzlader R

Electric winches

Extra strong and laterally movable, with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 t. Winches allow the recovery of vehicles that are no longer fit to drive. Our electric winches are equipped with planetary gearbox, forward and reverse, free-wheeling and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are available as lightweight cust fiber or steel rope with safety hooks.

Radio remote control

  • Raise and lower plateau
  • Extend and retract sliding platform
  • operate winch
  • Rotating lights and 
  • work lights

lifting axle

Optional lift axle system provides additional driving comfort in the case of empty runs thanks to its enormous ease of movement, high suspension comfort, reduced wear and reduced fuel consumption. With rear-wheel drive, the lift axle increases the traction of the rear axle by 100%.
Air suspension ensures car-like driving characteristics and prevents the laden vehicle from rocking. The air suspension improves the roadholding thanks to the low center of gravity and ensures optimum handling when cornering.

loading rails

Easily loaded vehicles with small gauges or trailers: by optional, electric, extendable center ramp.
With optional 3-piece ramps a low approach angle of only about 3.5 ° can be made possible, eg. B. for sports cars.


Lockable storage compartments in the side panel left and right in front of the axles.
Dimensions: 780 x 310 x 345 mm


Hitch at the front of the loading area 13-pin socket.

warning console

A 1500 mm wide warning console with LED flashing modules, 2 LED work lights and three-chamber tail light. Mounting on a large flyer or light carrier..

working headlights

Mounted on the flyer / light carrier on the left and right.

panoramic mirror

Is mounted on a large flyer or light carrier.

Headlight oval rear

Behind the axles, in side paneling.

Breakdown service and towing accessories

Useful extras integrated in the flyer

  • Plastic container 35 liters and oil binder container with holder
  • Pylons, shovel and broom
  • extinguisher
  • Ball head hitch

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