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FIT-ZEL BE-Trans Duo

3.9t payload with BE Driver licence, efficient car transport, 2 cars in 1 drive

Efficient and high volume

The BE-Trans Duo is designed to move a high volume of cars with only one combination with the BE-Driver licence. With a payload of up to 3.9t, you can drive 2 middle class cars within the gross train weight of 7.0t. Even an upper class SUV and a small class car are in the working range of the BE-Trans.


Safe and comfortable driving:

  • Ball-head fifth wheel coupling
  • EC-approved electric brake to have a load-dependent brake system  

Drive 3.9t with BE-driver licence

  • low licence cost, flexible personell dispatching
  • no Sunday ban
  • no professional driver qualification needed
  • no speed limiting on the towing vehicle (Speed limitation because of driving with a trailer is valid)

Additional Options

  • Parts box on semitrailer truck for car body parts and accessories
  • Spare wheel and holder of the loading area
  • Electric winch with remote control
  • Light bar

Technical information BE-Trans

Many different Kinds of Chassis can be used as towing truck for the BE-Trans Duo. The subframe can be mounted very easy and for the braking system only the brake Signal is needed.

TypBE-Trans Duo 21/90
Gross vehicle weight7.0t
Tare weight3.2t
Floor (LxW)9.0 x 2.1m
Loading Angle10°
TypBE-Trans Duo 23/90
Gross vehicle weight7.0t
Tare weight3.4t
Floor (LxW)9.0 x 2.3m
Loading Angle10°