BE-Trans Duo

BE-Trans Duo

The BE-Trans Duo is a semi-trailer concept for the efficient transport of two vehicles or panel vans. State-of-the-art components and the all-aluminium construction enable a high payload and a loading length of 9 metres. The BE-Trans Duo can be used in many countries with a BE driving licence, without professional driver qualification and without toll costs.

Main advantages of the BE-Trans Duo*

can be used with BE driving licence

Can be used 24/7 without tolls

no professional driver qualification required

No ban on driving on Sundays and public holidays

High payload due to all-aluminium construction of the trailer

Long loading length for transporting two vehicles or panel vans

* depending on total weight, driving licence class and country

Technical data

Total permissible weight up to 7.49 t depending on chassis
Payload depending on chassis and driving licence
Ramp angle approx. 10° (optionally 4.5° with ramp wedges)
loading length up to 9.000 mm depending on chassis
loading width up to 2.100 mm depending on chassis

Changes and errors excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate values. Accessories increase the empty weight. Illustrations may contain optional extras.

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Available brands for the BE-Trans Duo

Safe and comfortable driving with the new compressed air brake system

With the air brake, the required braking force is created exclusively by compressed air generated by motor energy. The compressed air is generated, controlled and stored by the compressor, air dryer, pressure regulator and reservoir. ABS and ALB are also standard.

Can be used with the BE driving licence

  • low driving licence costs
  • flexible personnel disposition
  • without toll costs in many countries  
  • no ban on driving on Sundays
  • no professional driver qualification necessary
  • no need to reduce the speed of the towing vehicle to 90 km/h (note 80 km/h as maximum speed only)

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    Equipment for BE-Trans Duo

    • spare wheel
    • Bracket for spare wheel
    • Electric winch 3,6t pulling force
    • Radio remote control for electric winch
    • Steel or plastic rope for electric winch
    • Warning consoles in various designs
    • Covering of the tractor unit
    • Painting of the fairing in car colour
    • Wheel stop block via over-wheel lashing option

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