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Speeder 2 - The light car carrier

With its extremely low curb weight from 2.1 t, the Speeder 2 is one of the lightest car transporters in its class and as a 3.5 ton driver you drive with driving license class B (car). Enjoy all the advantages of the 3.5 t total weight control: use the same speeds that apply to cars, you pay no tolls and do not need a tachograph. For you no Sunday driving ban and no truck overtaking ban. The standard, automatic air suspension and disc brakes provide high safety and efficiency in use.

Main advantages of Speeder 2

Driving license class B (PKW)

No toll charges (DE)

disc brakes

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High payload at 3.5t gross vehicle weight

The small and versatile vehicle transporter saves costs at purchase and during operation.

  • high payload of up to 1.4 t and driving with B (BE) licence
  • technical gross weight of 4.7t
  • pay load up to 2.6t when registered as a N2 vehicle (C driver licence)

Advantages of 3.5 t total weight regulation

The 3.5 t weight regulation allows to classify the transporter as a N1 vehicle. Your advantages:

  • Vehicle will not be Speed-limited: you can drive the same Speed like other cars in traffic
  • No tolls
  • No Tachograph (only when driving with Trailer)
  • No Sunday driving ban
  • No overtaking ban for trucks


...and it will raise your efficiency:

  • flexible personell dispatching (more category B-licences than C-licences)
  • lower fuel costs

Easy Load

Easy Load gives you an increase of productivity at work

  • Low loading height of only 63 cm
  • Low loading angle of just 8 °
  • Aluminum platform - fully tiltable
  • Automatically extendable ramps



Chassis with air suspension and disc brakes

Elaborate suspension for safety and comfort:

  • Compressor controlled air suspension on the rear axles
  • Car-like driving characteristics
  • Ideal road behaviour when taking curves due to low center of gravity



Dual Use - Double cab

The variant of the Fitzel Speeders 2 with a double cabin offers plenty of space for the vehicle and for taking along up to 6 people. In this variant, the car transporter can be used as breakdown service vehicle and workshop vehicle. The complete setup "breakdown and tool set" can easily be accommodated in the double cabin. You can also order the version with a double cabin with a loading length of 5,500 mm. (At present, the version with double cab is not yet available on Ford Transit)

Technical information

The base vehicle is a VW T6 as a single cab (Zugkopf / motor head) or double cab, 150 or 204hp, with manual or automatic Transmission.

loading width 2.100 mm
loading length 5.100 mm
loading angle
payload up to 2,6 t depending on the chassis

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Equipment for Speeder 2

middle ground

  • Aluminum key profile
  • Plastic fiberglass reinforced

aluminum rims

7.00 x 16 ET-50 Futura Superlook, aluminum rim Volkswagen T5 and T6 in 16 "only for 140/150 hp version

Electric winches

Extra strong and laterally movable, with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 t. Winches allow the recovery of vehicles that are no longer fit to drive. Our electric winches are equipped with planetary gearbox, forward and reverse, free-wheeling and an optional radio remote control. Winch ropes are available as lightweight cust fiber or steel rope with safety hooks.

Weather protection cover

made of aluminum checker plate, foldable with gas spring

Loading ball - a round thing for the safe transport of trailers

Small, round and effective. With the trailer loading ball, a fuse for the transport of loaded trailers can be provided on the front of the loading area. The loading ball is mounted on an additional truss and has a 13-pin socket to illuminate the loaded trailer.

Attention use - the warning console

Good lighting conditions for safety. This also applies, for example, to the loading of vehicles in the street. For these and other purposes, the Speeder 2 can be equipped with a 1460 mm wide warning console with LED flashing modules, two powerful LED work lights and a three-chamber tail light. The complete warning console is mounted on the large flyer or light carrier.


Gute Sicht auf die Ladung – Die Arbeitsscheinwerfer

Wer die Ladefläche zu jeder Uhrzeit und Helligkeit im Blick haben will, kann dies mit den verstellbaren und lichtstarken LED Arbeitsscheinwerfer sicherstellen. Diese werden links und rechts am Flyer/Leuchtenträger montiert.

Everything in view - the panorama mirror

You can keep an eye on everything with the large panorama mirror, which can be mounted on request in the large flyer or light carrier. The panorama mirror enables fast, safe and damage-free loading. With the panorama mirror as start-up aid, you avoid collision damage, because you always have problem areas in view, and thus fully utilize the loading area, even on longer vehicles. They load a vehicle without a second person.

lade rails

You can easily load vehicles with small gauges or trailers: with an optional, extendable center ramp.
With optional 3-piece ramps a low approach angle of only about 3.5 ° can be made possible, eg. B. for sports cars.

Flat, flat, drive-up wedges

With the optional 3-piece ramps you can reduce the low angle of the Fit-zel Speeder up to 4.5 °. Thus, for example, the transport of many lowered sports cars is not a problem. The optional ramps fit perfectly in the tool box.



tool boxes

Lockable storage spaces under the loading area left and right in front of the axles.
Dimensions: 645x 200 x 300 mm

Handle-light carrier

With grab handle left and right.


Hitch detachable including 13 pin socket.

Plane and box platform

Protect especially valuable cargo from prying eyes or the weather.

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