Eder Profitechnik Gruppe

FIT-ZEL Speeder2

B (BE) - driver licence, drive like a van, technical gross weight 4.7t

The lightweight transporter

The Speeder2 is a lightweight and agile vehicle for professional vehicle transport. Being a 3.5t N1 vehicle, the Speeder 2 can be driven with a class B and BE driver's licence. With the technical gross weight of 4.7t, this vehicle can reach a payload of up to 2.6t!

High payload at 3.5t gross vehicle weight

The small and versatile vehicle transporter saves costs at purchase and during operation.

  • high payload of up to 1.4 t and driving with B (BE) licence
  • technical gross weight of 4.7t
  • pay load up to 2.6t when registered as a N2 vehicle (C driver licence)

Advantages of 3.5 t total weight regulation

The 3.5 t weight regulation allows to classify the transporter as a N1 vehicle. Your advantages:

  • Vehicle will not be Speed-limited: you can drive the same Speed like other cars in traffic
  • No tolls
  • No Tachograph (only when driving with Trailer)
  • No Sunday driving ban
  • No overtaking ban for trucks


...and it will raise your efficiency:

  • flexible personell dispatching (more category B-licences than C-licences)
  • lower fuel costs

Easy Load

Easy Load gives you an increase of productivity at work

  • Low loading height of only 63 cm
  • Low loading angle of just 8 °
  • Aluminum platform - fully tiltable
  • Automatically extendable ramps



Chassis with air suspension and disc brakes

Elaborate suspension for safety and comfort:

  • Compressor controlled air suspension on the rear axles
  • Car-like driving characteristics
  • Ideal road behaviour when taking curves due to low center of gravity



Technical information Speeder2

The base vehicle is a VW T6 as a single cab (Zugkopf / motor head) or double cab, 150 or 204hp, with manual or automatic Transmission.

TypSpeeder2 47-21 for VW T6
Gross vehicle weight3.5 t
Tare weight2.1 t
Floor (LxW)5.1 x 2.08 m
Loading Angle
TypSpeeder2 47-21 for VW T6
Gross vehicle weight4.7 t
Tare weight2.1 t
Floor (LxW)5.1 x 2.08 m
Loading Angle